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Aloe Mouth Spray (Anti-bacterial)

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Aloe Mouth Spray (Anti-bacterial)

Code: Covid Special, Oral care / Personal care.

Quantity: 100mL/ 1.6 oz

Contents: Patent 100% pure aloe extract with 1,2-Hexanediol

Directions to Use: Spray into the stains, cavities, and all infections into the mouth in all four quadrants and rinse twice daily or after caffeinated beverages and each meals or before going to bed.

Indications: Oral hygiene. Oral plaque, Coronavirus infections, staining on teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis, loose tooth, bad breath or halitosis.

Mode of Action: Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, strengthens gums and oral cavity cells by nourishing it with Vitamin A and C, polysaccharides, enzymes, and amino acids.

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