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Our Mentor

We too are ably supported by a dynamic leader, Dr. Kalpana Rajesh Kotecha. A home-maker and an inspiring businesswoman, she boasts of a double-graduate degree in Medicine and Management. She also has an impressive portfolio when it comes to scientific understanding and has sound know-how of multiple therapeutic areas. Today, she is renowned as a great mentor, a registered homeopathy practitioner (practicing since 2000) and an empathetic and compassionate healer having a 20+ years of industry experience of working in the healthcare sector. It is under her tutelage that we are making a mark as a provider of the best variety of Benadrelax Homeopathic Medicine For Cough, Immunity Booster Homeopathic Medicine For Covid Immunity, etc.

Benefits of Homeopathic Medicines

We at Amazo HealthTM have underlined a few below:

  • Non-Toxicity: As homeopathic medicines and formulations are prepared using trace amounts of healing substances, which are naturally extracted from plants, or carefully derived from minerals and animals, these medicines are safe to consume and do not have any harmful side effects.
  • Effectiveness: Unlike allopathic medicines, homeopathic medicines are efficacious even in minute doses. These fast-acting medicines ensure the immunity of the body is not compromised with medicine intake and there are no negative effects on the digestive system.
  • Non-Allergic: Homeopathic medicines we offer like Immunity Booster Homeopathic Medicine For Covid Immunity, Benadrelax Homeopathic Medicine For Cough, etc., do not produce allergic reactions in the body and therefore are safe for consumption when taken as a part of holistic therapy and prescribed by a qualified homeopath.
  • Good For Resistance: Whether used for treating mild, acute or chronic conditions, homeopathy never compromises with the resistance of the body. It analyses the root cause of ailments, ensuring the body develops adequate resistance against it in the future.
  • Safety: The non-toxic nature of these medicines make them safe for use during pregnancy and by lactating mothers.

Covid Help & Assistance

During these tough and challenging times, many Indian businesses are extending their support to minimizing the effect of the pandemic among the masses in different ways. We too are developing Covid Special Homeopathy Products like Immunity Booster Homeopathic Medicine For Covid Immunity, and distributing these all over the state. Supported by government officers, healthcare providers and many generous members of the society, we have so far managed distributing 100000 Covid Immunity medicines, other essentials and food to people in need all across Maharashtra.

Our Quality

We always adopt strict quality measures to manufacture these medicines and anything that is of questionable quality is discarded and done away with without second thoughts. Defined parameters are followed during all stages, right from ingredient sourcing, product processing to product packaging & delivery as a part of our quality protocols.

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